Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

General Info

It is well-known that sometimes on occasion every man is unable to maintain erection all the time throughout sexual intercourse, and sometimes, after stress or hard work day, a man might be unable to achieve an erection. But this does not mean a serious problem. Ongoing erection problems are a more serious cause to start studying erection symptoms. It is better to start solving these problems from the very beginning, when the first ED symptoms just start to show up. If you are unable to maintain erection for over 25% of the time, it is better for you to contact your doctor.

Diagnosing impotence on your own is not the best thing to do. Medical examination is the best way to find out what kind of problems you have. First symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be the diseases that usually cause it. If you are suffering vascular, hormonal or neurological diseases, then it is very likely that you have some ED. Your general health affects the possibility of erectile dysfunctions. Laboratory tests can show the underlying reasons for the impotence. The better a doctor knows your symptoms and causes of your erectile dysfunction, the better diagnosis he will be able to make to prescribe proper medicine.

Apart from the obvious symptoms of ED, there are also lots of other symptoms that you might be able to notice. For example, if you are constantly suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes, it can be a reason, which could cause ED problems. There are also many other diseases, which in most cases cause some sort of erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems are a big erectile dysfunction symptom. Depression in many cases leads to problems with potency. There are even more cases, when a depression is caused by impotence, and it makes the impotence even worse.

If you have been living without sex for some period of time, when coming back to sexual life, you might be anxious and worried about your future performance. This can result in some sorts of erectile dysfunction problems. Lack of confidence is also a significant reason for impotence or poor sexual performance.

Check Your Symptoms

So lets summarize. The most common 5 ED symptoms are:
1. Inability to have an erection when necessary, by means of masturbation or with a sexual partner.
2. Inability to maintain an erection hard enough throughout the sexual intercourse.
3. Inability to maintain a hard erection for a long enough time, needed in order to complete a sexual intercourse.
4. Inability to get an erection, even when there is sexual desire.
5. Inability to get an orgasm and ejaculate even after proper and long-enough sexual intercourse.

If you are already suffering from erectile dysfunction and have discovered some of the major or minor ED symptoms, then it’s better for you to contact a doctor and start getting cured as soon as possible, in order to start living a healthy sexual life again. Oral Medications, Self-Injections or a Surgery can help you solve the problems with potency.


There are many ways of erectile dysfunction diagnosis.

Start with doctor examination. A doctor should check your genitals, perform digital rectal examination and check for any possible prostate abnormalities.

To check for any possible causes of erectile dysfunction you will most likely have to pass multiple tests, which include complete blood and urine test, creatinite tests, check of lipid, levels of morning testosterone, and other.